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(served until 11:30am)

Omelette of the Day - Please ask your server.  Served Frittata style, with potatoes.  $7

Bella Miscela - Scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes and spicy sausage.  $10

2 Eggs, ripe tomato slices and bacon $6

(add a gluten free muffin for $1)

2 Eggs - $2

Bacon - $3

Gluten-free Elizabeth Muffins with Sauce.

Apple Cinnamon - with a cinnamon sauce.  $4

Walnuts and Date - with a coconut sauce.  $4



Shrimp Cocktail - 6 Jumbo Shrimp with spicy cocktail sauce. $10

Clams - with roasted lemons, wine, butter, hot pepper flakes, parsley and garlic.  $12

Antipasti for Two - Assorted gluten-free veggies, meats, and cheese, served with rice crackers.  $9

Spinach & Artichoke Dip - Fresh Spinach & Artichokes, and our secret mixutre of fresh dairy products served warm with rice crackers.   $7


Insalate (Salads)

All entrees are served with a complimentary Caesar salad

(gluten-free salads are served with croutons)

Side Caesar Insalata $4

Side House Insalata $4

Insalata Caesar with Chicken or Shrimp (Dinner size)  $12

Gourmet Burgers

(Available for lunch only)

USDA Grade A beef fire grilled and served on bunless on

a plate withtomato slices, lettuce, and onions on the side.

Natural Burger  $6

Cheddar Cheese Burger $7

Fire Grilled Chicken Breast  $7

Italian Favorites

Sausage & Peppers - over rice pasta in a spicy marinara sauce. $15

Rice Spaghetti & Meat Sauce  $12

Rice Spaghetti & Marinara Sauce $12


Pasta Perfecto

Rice Fettuccine Alfredo - Rice pasta Fettuccine style stossed in a heavy cream, butter, and Parmesan cheese.  $13

(add Chicken$3, Shrimp $4)

Rice Pasta Vegetali - Rice pasta tossed with sauteed bell peppers, pine nuts, garlic, red onions, roma tomatoes, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts in a creamy pesto sauce.  $13

(add Chicken$3, Shrimp $4)

Rice Pasta Pomdoro - Rice pasta with artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes, garlic and extra virgin olive oli.  $14

(add Chicken$3, Shrimp $4)

Pesce (Seafood)

Chrimp Scampi - Sauteed Shrimp with zesty creamy garlic, white wine and butter sauce over rice pasta.  $17

Wild Salmon - Salmon poached in a flavorul garlic sauce served with a maitre d'butter, side of vegetables and choice of baked potato or rice pasta. Marinara or meat sauce.  $20

Clams - with roasted lemon, wine, butter, hot pepper flakes, parsley and garlic over rice pasta  $17

Pollami (Chicken)

Rice Pasta Milano - Rice pasta, sauteed chicken and sun dried tomatoes in a roasted garlic cream sauce.  $16

Chicken Piccata - Sauteed chicken breast and capers in a lemon butter cream sauce.  $16

Chicken Scaloppini - Sauteed chicken breast, artichoke hearts, and capers in a lemon butter cream sauce. $16

Chicken Marsala - Sauteed Chicken breast with mushrooms in a roasted garlic, cream, and marsala wine sauce. $16

Carni (meat)

Espresso Filet - Filet rubbed with espresso grounds, seared ans served with a side of vegetables and choice of baked potato or rice pasta.  Marinara or meat sauce.  $28

12oz New York Steak - Pan-seared and finished with a maitre d'buttter. Served with a side of vegetables and choice of baked potato or rice pasta.  Marinara or meat sauce. $25


Godfather's Killer Sundae for Two - Vanilla ice cream with hot fudge, walnuts and real whipped cream.  $6

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